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5 Most Read 2013 Articles on OpenCart

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2013 is coming to a close and traditionally it is high time to summarize what has been done during this year. It was really events rich year and we are deservedly proud of what we attained. eMagicOne team has found itself exploring ever improving OpenCart system and, fuelled by modern OpenCart commerce ideas, continues to develop progressive solutions for efficient e-shops running.

This year was abundant in new articles, posted at our official website that cover called-for and “hot” OpenCart topics. Certainly, it is interesting to track what subjects were popular, so-called “dot coms” this year and what articles gained the most attention.

Below you will find the list of the most-viewed OpenCart articles, we published this year. We took into consideration number of views and analyzed what topics stay actual despite country, OpenCart users live in, assortment of products they sell or business size.

We invite you to look through the following snippets and if you are going to be curious enough, read the whole articles.

OpenCart Product Options and Values

If some of your OpenCart products vary in size or colour, what would you incline to - create as many products as variations you have or create one product with options, represented on one product page? If you are still hesitating and are not sure you will cope with product variants, read this article

“Product variants are a great way to offer numerous options to customers without necessity to add separate but similar products to choose between. With OpenCart product options you won’t linger about adding each and every variant, since you can treat them as one product and give under the same product name.”

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Make Your OpenCart Product Import Running Automatically on Schedule

Being independent is a pledge of prominent web business running. When OpenCart import procedure is being performed automatically according to conditions you have designated without your interference, it will only positively influence your business process and lighten cooperation with distributors.

“Owners of OpenCart online stores should take care about their in-time update. The fastest means is OpenCart CSV import. You might be satisfied with it, but with time you will need more. This need will emerge really soon if your supplier’s stock changes everyday and they add new products, change prices, update quantities. This might be not a very big deal, however, these updates are often made at the end of the day or at night when customer the lowest. This means that you have to run import either at night or early morning to make your store contain the “freshest” data. Not very encouraging perspective, right?”

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Create OpenCart Orders with POS (Point of Sale)

How to make order management more convenient? POS feature of Store Manager for OpenCart will come to the assistance. Add products to order scanning its code with barcode reader, quickly calculate cash and change, print invoices using OpenCart POS functionality.

“Being an online entrepreneur you would like to grow your business and operate it at the utmost. Store Manager for OpenCart POS (Point of Sale) feature is designed to enhance your order management, boost efficiency and focus on selling.

Point of Sale Usage Advantages:

  • Point of sale system cuts OpenCart order entry time and helps you get your orders within short span of time;
  • It makes your work effortless and fast since you can operate with keyboard and hotkeys and dispense with mouse clicks;
  • The possibility to use barcode scanner greatly contributes to order management. You can put product to order using this device. It reads product EAN code and adds corresponding item to order.”

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How to Update OpenCart Products in Bulk?

Keep your OpenCart catalog under control performing OpenCart product updates regularly using the techniques Store Manager for OpenCart endows you with. Read this article, covering this topic and find out what you can benefit from.

“OpenCart catalog embraces great number of products, that can be described as dynamic system. How do we understand the notion “dynamic”? Often and often store owners have to adjust product price, set OpenCart product quantity, shift product from one category to another, manage OpenCart stock and so on. The list of tasks does not end on this.

The matter is OpenCart product update can “steal” lots of time, what lowers product management productivity and can negatively influence overall business process. For that very reason it is essential to rationally control time spent on catalog update procedures and attain accurate catalog updating results.”

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How to Upload OpenCart Images to Products in Bulk?

How will your website be functioning without product images? What is product page without image ? That’s why you must smooth image management, in other words, accomplish OpenCart import of product pictures and assign them to proper merchandise.

“When you are involved in online business, you definitely know that simply having abundance of products is not enough to gain high profit rate. Product representation really matters and works like incentive, attracting customers attention and turning them to make the purchase.

In such a way OpenCart images are crucial for creating appealing product pages. They help advertise merchandise and supplement product description. Evidently, OpenCart shop running does not go without efficient image management, especially image upload. Though, having abundance of products, you will find it inconvenient and time-consuming to add images manually to each and every product.”

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Researching and understanding what our clients are searching for has remained the main point for us. eMagicOne Team is grateful to all clients who cooperate with us, shared their stories and suggested us what they want to see in the software. We plan to work harder in the year to come to cover more topics and generally do everything to help you get information you need.

By Ira Svedovetska

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