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Ultimate Extensions to Manage Your OpenCart Store

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OpenCart is spinning up, gaining more and more popularity among people who are planning to make money selling goods online. The shopping cart is highly functional and provides its users an opportunity for proper and easy shop handling.

However, the demand for e-Commerce businesses is constantly increasing, and there are many e-merchants, who are looking to make their online business more powerful and advanced than can be made by means of the possibilities provided out-of-the-box.

OpenCart also offers a wide range of add-ons, extensions, plugins, and other goodies, making the user experience even more frictionless. The fact that the shopping cart allows to expand its core functionality one more time proves that its success is not random.

Indeed, with this plethora of tools on offer, it is becoming more and more difficult to make the right choice.

A handful of the most popular OpenCart extensions that can increase site functionality include:

Bulk Product Editing and Import/Export

Since OpenCart itself does not offer import tool by default, the users who need to implement changes to bulks of existing goods or update catalog with new entities need to third-party OpenCart modules. Choosing the one, you need to make sure that it is really all-in-one solution that handles the management-related process easily and without much coding. We present you the following:

opencart bulk product editing and import

Tool: Store Manager for OpenCart

Cost: $119


  • easy installation (like any desktop solution)
  • massive changes to selected goods in 2 clicks
  • OpenCart import from .csv, .xml, Excel, .xlsx, .txt, .ods formats
  • free 2-week version available

Requirements: Windows, OpenCart 1.5.x

Tasks Automation

If you do the task once, it is ok, but when you need to do it twice, the good idea is to automate it. Since inventory and content update are one of the most important tasks store owner should perform regularly, mechanized way of their handling is definitely good idea. It will allow you to save time and avoid the possibility of error occurrence by setting up cron OpenCart import.

opencart automated import

Tool: Automated Product import

Cost: $119


  • less work for store owner
  • accurate and updated information
  • direct synchronization with suppliers, scheduled updates

Requirements: Store Manager for OpenCart

Additional Sales Channels Synchronization

The more places your products are listed, the higher are the chances that interested clients come across them. People usually prefer big marketplaces, where there is wide selection on offer, for example eBay. Thus, you can also earn selling the same goods in your OpenCart shop as well as on eBay by integrating those 2 systems.

opencart ebay synchronization

Tool: eBay Integration

Cost: $119


    no manual product import to eBay account (a few-click export from your store)

    more sales

    new interested customers.

Requirements: Store Manager for OpenCart

Accounting Control

Improper accounting can be a real pain, especially for the massive stores with huge amount of information included. To keep everything in order you can entrust accounting to the system that handles everything properly - for example QuickBooks. Again, how to make it work with your store data?

opencart quickbooks accounting

Tool: QuickBooks Integration

Cost: $129


  • products, customers and orders data under control
  • easier handling of sales, refunds, taxes
  • make 2-way synchronization of products.

Requirements: Store Manager for OpenCart

Getting Relevant Content

Supplier provided you the products, but they are missing of description and images? Looking for them in the Internet and then adding for each merchandise can be too time-consuming. There is huge information base with relevant images, descriptions and specifications - ICECat. You can “drag” information for your existing goods from there and right away assign it to products you have.

opencart icecat

Tool: ICECat Integration

Cost: $119


  • high-quality images and relevant descriptions in a few steps
  • no manual work
  • no mistakes.

Requirements: Store Manager for OpenCart

With helpful OpenCart extensions your management possibilities can go further. Do not stay in one place, get more and enjoy returnings.

By Maria Kvasnytska

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