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Christmas in August: Prepare Now, Get Profit Faster

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Christmas in august

During these hot days you most likely having beach vacations, enjoying sun and getting the most of summer fun (We hope so :) )… But wait, do you hear this sound of jingling bells ringing in your ears? No? We understand that Christmas is the last thing you might be thinking now, however, for your e-store this notion is not so far-away as it may seem to you.

It might sound crazy to begin prepping your site for the holiday season in summer. Though, each and every year more and more shoppers begin their holiday shopping earlier and earlier. This is so-called “early Christmas syndrome”. Early bird shoppers and budget planners start shopping for Christmas already in September. The “Back-to-School” season usually marks the countdown to the holidays sales rush with first clearing out the old stuff and then stocking the new.

One more reason for early start is the fact that holiday shopping season can quickly become chaotic, especially once you are being unprepared to it. So it is never too early to get ready for the holiday season. They say that even Santa prepares for Christmas in August :)

We’re not encouraging you to start launching Cyber Monday promos all over your site with Christmas trees, snowmen and other decorations right now. We do, however, strongly recommend taking some time to get your store prepared properly.

So what should you start doing in August? Here are a few kick off suggestions:

- Keep Things Fresh

This concerns update of your product catalog with new items (preferably new goods gaining popularity at the market) as well as renewing inventory levels for your existing products. During the peak of the holiday shopping season you will hardly have the time for dealing with inventory counts getting low. So maybe this is high time to think about automation of stock fulfillment directly from supplier.

- Determine Your Best-Selling Products

Your current best-sellers could very well maintain this status during the holiday season. For that do a little research and analysis to see best products from definite manufacturers, most popular goods from particular category. Create statistical reports to evaluate what did and didn’t work during your holiday season last year.

- Offer Time-Limited Holiday Price Markdowns

Holiday promotions are critical to traffic and sales boost. However, there is so much pressure during shopping season, so often there is no much time for changing prices a few times. Though, plan your promotions beforehand, offering let’s say 15% on Halloween and bigger discounts closer to Christmas.

- Integrate with Sales Channels

Listing your products at additional marketplaces and popular auctions, like eBay or Amazon, will rise your chances to get higher sales, when holiday rush will be in its full swing and clients will be looking for bargains everywhere.

Preparing for holidays can be stressful for everyone, especially retailers. Lots of work should be done and definitely you will not make it overnight.

Do all the necessary content-management tasks during 14 days, downloading FREE version of Store Manager for OpenCart

So here are few hints on managing your store via Store Manager application:

  • work offline without waiting for browser page to load
  • add/edit products in seconds with smart import functionality, supporting upload from the files of .csv, .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .ods and .txt formats
  • set up scheduled updates of your store, synchronizing it with supplier's data automatically
  • massively modify item details using multi-editors, for example, setting price mark-downs by value or percentage in seconds
  • create multiple statistical reports up to your needs
  • diagnose your store for missing images and products not assigned to any categories
  • easily integrate with additional sales channels and accounting systems.

Get into the festive discount spirit!

Merry Summer!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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