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Free Store Manager Updates

Is your Store Manager for OpenCart outdated and you would like to get the newest software version? The cheapest 6-months update plan costs $49, but at the moment you are out of budget and cannot afford it?

The easy way-out exists! You can get one month of free updates and download the latest software version not spending a penny.

You need to follow a few simple steps to achieve this:

1) Share your opinion on our software at any of the places below:

Feedback removal is forbidden.

2) Contact us back, letting us know about the feedback you have left. Use social networks and drop a copy to our e-mail –

Include license key to your existing Store Manager license*.

3) Get one month of free updates and the ability to download the latest version of the application packed with newest features and improvements. The updates will be applied to license key you include in your e-mail.

After updates are applied, you get confirmation from us and will be able to download the latest version of the software right from Store Manager Application

Get rewarded for taking a moment to tell us your story and share your opinion on the software!


* This offer is available for users who already own at least one full software license (paid) from eMagicOne.

** Received updates are simply reward, a bonus that cannot be exchanged, cashed out, re-sold or in other way distributed.

*** The updates cannot be postponed in time. Updates are prolonged for 30 day period from the time when request was received.

**** Limitation - one comment (feedback) per one social network or website.

***** Only public feedbacks are taken into account. Positive feedback after chat or e-mail contact cannot be used to get reward.

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