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Is Your OpenCart Store 'Boo Hoo' or 'Woo Hoo'?

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Halloween is considered as the official kick-off to the holiday season by many retailers. As the first real fall holiday event, it gets consumers excited and puts them in the mood for coming months.

Before Halloween lots of online stores selling goods may look a little scary. On occasion of holiday, ecommerce store owners may use different techniques to attract clients’ attention to boost holiday sales.

However, sometimes these might be not holiday pranks. Are you sure that your store does not look “Boo Hoo” for your clients? Maybe your OpenCart site is a nightmare on Elm Street?

Your ecommerce store should be thrilling, but not in a scary-movie sort of way. How to make sure that you have done everything to make your clients say “Woo Hoo” when they enter your OpenCart-based e-shop?

So in the spirit of Halloween, we are introducing terrifying e-commerce practices and, more important, what you can do if you experience any of them.

“Dead Corpses” - Outdated Catalog

Why it’s scary:

Сontent is very important for providing valuable information to users. It is a major component of building site’s relevance. If your store doesn’t show any signs of life for a long time already, then you have got all the chances to lose clients’ interest. Without no doubt, it is a real horror story for any store owner.

dead product catalog

How to avoid it:

As was already mentioned, killer content is very important, so make sure you constantly warm up interest of thirsty for “fresh blood” shoppers by adding popular novelties to your shop.

“Zombies” - Out Of Stock Items

Why it’s scary:

When your goods are out of stock they are neither dead, nor alive, they simply occupy space at your database. Does this chill your bones?

zombie products

How to avoid it:

If you’ve ever watched a zombie movie, you’d know that the sort of thing frequently ends up when someone offers anti-zombie weapon. We suggest you to neutralize zombie-products setting up scheduled inventory updates directly from your supplier.

Budget Vampires - Products with Unreasonably Driven Up Price

Why it’s scary:

Your clients are looking for monstrous discounts on occasion of holiday, but what they see? The prices much higher than your competitors offer - this sure-fire way to make your goods freakish and scare shoppers away in seconds.

budget vampires

How to avoid it:

Make sure you have put proper mark-ups for more expensive products you can afford yourself to raise cost on some bigger percent than for low-priced goods. Moreover, make some screaming seasonal promos and discounts, offering your client savings to get them in holiday spirit.

If none of these works, call Buffy to help you place a stake through the heart of worthless moneysucker that made put incorrect mark-ups... Just kidding, obviously. She is too busy this time of the year :)

Skeletons in the Closet - Goods Without Images

Why it’s scary:

Your page has another task besides navigation and that is to establish trust and credibility. Remember that just as every image on your site has to support your desired action. So having “No image” or “Image is not available” messages showing, like a shadowy black cat - one of the most horrifying things when selling goods online.

skeleton in the closet

How to avoid it:

Diagnose your store for missing images and also pictures at your server that you do not use any more.

Ghost Products - Items Not Visible at Front-End

Why it’s scary:

So before you get excited about the fact that you have added the products and they soon will be purchased, check if they are visible at front-end to your clients. This is not paranormal activity, but pretty usual thing when missing some of important details while adding the product.

ghost products

How to avoid it:

Make sure that goods you sale are activated at the front-end and have all the details filled in. Moreover, check if they are linked to any category for your clients to be able to find them.

While these stories may seem terrifying, don’t worry. We have prepared for you the ammunition in your battle against the terrors of online store handling! The software for easier tasks accomplishment is available for reduced price - Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons!

Use comments section to tell us your own Halloween horror story related to e-commerce store management!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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