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Quick Look At What’s New in OpenCart 2.0

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Short while ago OpenCart team announced that long-awaited OpenCart version 2.0 has been officially rolled out. Current OpenCart users, as well as those who plan to launch website relying upon this shopping cart, will be happy to hear that after the long time of refinement the platform comes with lots of new things.

OpenCart 2.0 differs from its predecessor by richer functionality with lots of salient features. Here is a sneak peak of what’s new in this version of widely-used shopping cart.

User-Friendly Dashboard

OpenCart 2.0 comes with sleek and intelligent back-end. Previous horizontal menu has been replaced with the vertical one for smart and quick navigation. This is a step forward to help store owners interact with the system, track sale analytics, people online. etc. Redesigned dashboard makes it simpler to get absolute information about the online store.

OpenCart 2.0 support

Revamped Front End

There have been notable improvements made to OpenCart front office that will drastically better shopping experience for store visitors. New default OpenCart theme runs on Bootstrap and blows off complexity. It ensures intuitive site outlook, refined navigation, search bar, product view and carousels.

Wide Range of Payment Gateways

Newly released OpenCart 2.0 supports 30+ payment gateways, including Amazon Payments, First Data EMEA Connect, NOCHEX, PayPal Pro iFrame, Free Checkout, Web Payment Software, Secure Trading Web Service, etc.

Built-in Extension Installer

Theme and extension installation is more approachable thanks to implemented Extension installer. It guarantees faster and more accurate installation process.

Event Notification System Available

This system has been designed to help store owners keep everything under control. Running an online store, merchants definitely have lots of tasks to cope with. Notification won’t let miss a single detail since notifies admins about product stock shortages, order status, reviews or new customers awaiting approval.

OpenCart 2.0 definitely offers brand new functionality that enhances general usability and store monitoring. Totally new dashboard, more friendly back office, easy-to-use storefront and other features that have been implemented will contribute to brilliant business performance.

eMagicOne always keeps in step with shopping cart updates and not long after OpenCart 2.0 arrival, we released Store Manager for OpenCart v. that is compatible with the newest version of the shopping cart.

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By Ira Svedovetska

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