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How to Prepare OpenCart Store to Black Friday at the Last Minute?

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Lying on the couch with a sandwich made of Thanksgiving turkey leftovers in hand you suddenly realize that tomorrow is Black Friday. You feel that a cold shiver ran down your spine... You were madly busy these days and have forgotten to properly take care about your online store. Maybe you have done something, but not everything and it is not enough to bring more sales.

Is it too late to improve the matters? Here and there on the Internet, tutorials say that you have to spend weeks or months ahead on store preparation tasks before holiday shopping season begins. Should you give up and accept the fact the biggest sales day of the year passed you by?

Despite widely adopted online trend to prepare everything beforehand, many retailers may be struggling with Black Friday preps till the last day. Is it possible to handle the tasks rained upon store owners’ heads within just a few hours left. Will it be real nightmare? No.

You might say that get your store ready with just 24 hours or even less is beyond one's strength and is impossible to accomplish, unless you are Superman or the Flash with lightning speed super power. Well, what if we say that there is the way to make you OpenCart superhero?

No need to be born on the planet Krypton like Superman or be stricken by lightning like the Flash. We have got something better, safer and obviously more real.

Store Manager for OpenCart - not magic, but close to it! Using this software you will be able to perform necessary store handling tasks in a flash (or like the Flash :).

Store Manager can help cross off a few must-do tasks and get your OpenCart ready for sales a couple of minutes or even less.

Last-Minute Plan to Get Retailers Through Black Friday:

1) Update Inventory Levels

update inventory

High demand and low stock on Black Friday are incompatible things. Your products, hopefully, cleared out in a few hours and the whole year you would regret that you haven’t had more to offer interested buyers.

Thus, make sure you have enough products for all eager shoppers and your inventory levels are updated. With Store Manager application it is possible to change stock status and update inventory levels in just a few clicks.

Select goods -> and in the lower grid indicate quantity to update selected products.

Details find here -

2) Lower Prices

price margins

Everyone will be running promotions and offering discounts that are specific to Black Friday, so you might as well join the fun. Make sure that the reduction is attractive for client to grab shoppers’ attention and stand out from the crowd.

5 min and you are done! Check how -

3) Add Cross-Sells

cross sells

One way to boost average order value is by selling related goods to your online shoppers. Adding “cross-sell” and “upsells”to your site, recommending relevant products to your shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and recently viewed items can greatly boost sales.

There is step-by-step tutorial -

4) Send Black Friday email

follow-up email

If you have a email list, this is going to be an important promotional channel for you. The messaging should create a sense of urgency to help customers get to your site directly from the email, so include link to your store and discount code.

With Store Manager for OpenCart you can send follow-up emails right within the software. Export customer e-mail addresses and send them follow-up e-mails with the discount. This way you can make the clients return and buy more.

How to export customer addresses -

5) Find problems

check store for errors

Next, you want to make sure your site looks and functions good. Diagnose it for products not assigned to categories, missing or broken product product images, etc. For that run particular type of Store Diagnostics.

You still have some time to prepare your web shop for upcoming shopping sales rush, we won’t stand aside and help you, offering our extremely helpful software -

Prepare, sell, enjoy!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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