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What Your OpenCart Wishes for Christmas?

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Christmas is almost upon us! Children write lengthy letters to Santa and adults make Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolutions.

Have you ever thought what would be the wishes of your online store if it could make any? Let’s imagine, what your OpenCart might wish for?

Here is the letter that we think your shop could have composed:

Santa Claus
Santa’s Workshop
North Pole 0001

Dear Santa,

It is that time of the year again. I suppose that you are putting together the presents along with your elves and preparing your slade&deers for a long trip on Christmas night. You must be very busy these days, as well as I and my website owner.

Since people all over the world are writing letters to you, I have decided to do the same. Well, my wishes are not exactly similar to ordinary man’s list. Do not get me wrong - a Porsche under the New Year tree will be much appreciated. However, I have specific needs and desires.

I love my job. Each day I have lots of guests all over the world and I know them very well (can show you report). I have a cute design and my owner is really kind to me. I have been very good this year, so I hope that you can grant a few wishes that would help me to be even better.

Here are just a few things that I would absolutely love this year:

Be Always Up-to-Date

My owner is so busy building the business, managing accounting and getting orders out-the-door. I understand that he doesn’t have time to watch for me every second of the day. Humans need sleep, but I never do. All the time there is something new going on here and I’m always afraid that I’m not up-to-date. Thus, I would like to have scheduled updates performed each regular period of time. This way my inventory will be always on the appropriate level, I will be confident that I have something to offer each interested client and my owner can have good night sleep :)

Change Faster

As I have already mentioned, my owner is very busy, especially when sales season begins and we need to make some bulk price changes. I would like to have the possibility to do promotions and increase or lower price much faster. This way my owner will have more time on other things.

Look More Attractive

I would like to ask for something else for myself. Nothing fancy, but I’ve worked so hard all year, I think it would help my spirits and confidence as well as get me ready for another year. I want to add images to all the products at my catalog. I have heard this makes website much more attractive for buyers.

Feel Healthier

Also, I might be asking too much, but hope that there is a chance that you could help me get rid of old stuff I’m not using anymore. I feel so up to the neck in data, with all those products and images that I even do not use. All these useless things make it difficult for me to operate properly. I would like to be faster and lighter, so hope that there is a possibility for small clean-up!

Stay Protected

I worry so much about my security. There are lots of strangers in the Internet with bad intentions. That is why I feel very vulnerable. I really hope that my owner puts everything else aside and will think about security, at least for a moment or two every week in order to make backup of my data. This way I would feel much more confident.

I’m also willing to find new friends. I have already heard about Store Manager for OpenCart and addons to it. Together we will be great team, as they are very helpful and can take care about me. Hope to see them next to me very soon.


OpenCart Store

If your store wishes the same, prepare the gift for it and for yourself:

We wish you and your store a very happy holiday season and fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes!

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!

merry xmas emagicone

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