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How to Overcome Post-Holiday Sales Slump

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post-holiday sales slump

January is typically considered to be a slow month for online stores. People tend to spend a fortune on holiday shopping and stop right after the season is over.

Post-holiday sales are expected to get low. This happens because people have reached or surpassed their Christmas holiday spending budgets and how they are forced to tighten their belts. Now they remain cautious about opening their wallets again.

So how do online businesses get through this slow month? Engaging consumers into purchases after the holidays is not an easy thing. But it’s critical for online merchants not to let the sales momentum slip in January.

Here’s a list of tips to help your online store drive revenue during the typical downturn period after the holiday shopping season.

1. Launch New Products

Keeping content fresh and relevant is always a key to boosting customer engagement, but this is particularly important after the traditional holiday shopping craze.

January is typically a good month to introduce new products and product lines. Your products will not be overshadowed by discounts or the glut of goods presented during shopping season. Thus, you can get more new interested clients who might want to check new arrivals at your store.

It is smart to create the category “What’s new” and import your recent acquisitions there. This way these items will grab more attention of interested clients.

2. Update Inventory

After the rush of Christmas the inventory of most online shops is usually pretty much wiped out. So you can use this January downtime to organize leftovers and stock up ordering fresh inventory from your supplier.

To avoid constant worries you can set up automated updates of your stock and insure that you always have enough quantity for all the interested buyers.

3. Offer Promotions and Sales

Even after Christmas, there are still plenty of bargain-hunters looking for great deals. Customers really love sales and promotions, so make sure you have the deals they want.

You can draw new customers to your website with special post-holiday discounts. Many consumers will find it hard to resist rock bottom prices even when finances are tight.

Make suggestions based on past purchases, analyzing purchasing history and preferred products to determine what items are most popular and then offer them for reduced price for limited period of time.

Finally, to bring the above mentioned techniques into life, online retailers need some helpful tools to make tasks easier and processes faster.

Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons will help you beat post-holiday sales slump -

Start the new year with awesome sales and rest of the year will be awesome too!

Got your own ways to overcome post-holiday sales slump? Feel free to share in the comments below.

By Maria Kvasnytska

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