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Regular Price of Store Manager for OpenCart Came into Effect

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Dear existing and potential customers,

In one of our previous blog posts we have announced about scheduled price change on Store Manager for OpenCart.

Referring to it, we have informed you about the following:

From May, 29th, 2013, when the the first commercial version of Store Manager for OpenCart has been released, the application was sold for the special price that is $119.

opencart manager

We have moved with the time, working hard to deliver high-quality and full-featured database management tool. The application has established on the market and proved itself as helpful software for OpenCart-based stores handling.

We are improving our software with each new release and will be doing all possible to enhance functionality more and more. To continue grow and offer highest level of quality and maintain with the competition we need to implement changes.

We are announcing that if you are interested in the software, you have the last chance to get it for special lowered price, since very soon our product will be sold for regular product price - $199.

The new price schedule is set to come into action on January, 1st, 2015.

So from now on plans&pricing are the following:

Primary license - $199

Additional license - $119

Bundle Primary+Additional - $258

You can check here -


Store Manager for OpenCart Team

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