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50 Reasons Why You Would Love eMagicOne Software

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emagicone valentine
February is the month of love and St. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your feelings. So even if you every year complain how much you hate this holiday, online store owners can earn some good revenue on this day.
Money can’t buy you love, but you can buy eMagicOne software that you will absolutely fall in love.
In honor of this day of hearts, chocolate and flowers, we have put together the list of reasons why our software is worth declaring love and affection.

Get in the Valentine’s mood, finding your reason to use our software:

  1. Store Manager helps you become e-commerce superman, being Сlark Kent in the office
  2. When you manage your catalog via Store Manager the sun shines brighter, even at night (... somewhere in the world)
  3. We love you as it is our job, nothing personal :)
  4. Our support is awesome - they love all the clients, even those who rebuke them in the chat
  5. Like peanut butter and jelly or Romeo and Juliet, some things are just better together, like Primary+ Additional license
  6. emagicone valentine
  7. Our Store Manager for your store is like Microsoft Office for Windows
  8. Your inventory can be so automated, that you will never see your products out-of-stock
  9. You can always get a discount on our software!
  10. Our addons allow you grow global without leaving your office
  11. You will like making mass changes: again, again, and again!
  12. Chuck Norris imports products via Store Manager
  13. emagicone best solution
  14. It will save you time for other important things
  15. Lost images will never hide and will be revealed
  16. You can be safe when you play :) Use Bridge type of connection doing changes on local database
  17. Work offline with bridge connection
  18. You can play doctor, diagnosing your store for issues
  19. You might forget your Admin panel looks like
  20. You can not be so cool store manager without Store Manager
  21. If you are a polyglot, you can manage your store in different languages
  22. emagicone multi language
  23. You get new experience in store management
  24. Sales managers, techs and store owners can equally good manage their shops with Store Manager
  25. Store Manager and its addons are made for each other
  26. Each new release brings new cool features!
  27. Product import from different file formats is reality with Store Manager
  28. Store Manager would get into Guinness Book of World Records if there were suitable nomination
  29. You can do e-commerce even if you are on the beach with Mobile Assistant
  30. emagicone mobile
  31. You will believe that eCommerce magic happens
  32. You will not stop thinking about… import/export/products/etc
  33. You can sell anything: even fresh tasty pastry - chocolate muffins, bun with jem…
  34. You can look at our photos, videos made personally for you, on the every step of the way
  35. We stay with you, listen to you, help you, and support you when you have hard times using our software )
  36. We are always attentive to details and carefully check bug reports, re-reading them in leisure time
  37. emagicone fixes
  38. Your competitors will envy you, seeing how quickly you update your store
  39. When you manage your store with our software, you will be smiling
  40. You can try before you buy
  41. You will make seasonal discounts in seconds - all the clients will be happy
  42. You will not need to adjust file for import - all the changes can be made on-the-fly
  43. If you choose our software, you definitely have great taste :)
  44. emagicone taste
  45. Your customers will be in the seventh heaven placing the order at your store
  46. Your store will become the 8th wonder of the world (hope so:)
  47. Your ROI will be 101% or more
  48. You can do business and have fun with eMagicOne
  49. We always have discount for you. Just ask :)
  50. You get more than software, care and appreciation come free!
  51. It will help you grow your business
  52. You can control the processes of new features implementation, offering your idea
  53. You can multi-task - handle orders, manage products, rebuilt categories at the same time
  54. emagicone taste
  55. Our software all-in-one: has everything you need!
  56. Add it, scan it, sell it, pack it, ship it, mail it then upgrade it - all you can do with the product
  57. Use POS to sell to real clients, not only e-clients
Where store managers go to grow?
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