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Spring is Here: March Madness is in the Air

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March is a great month that marks the beginning of spring and gives internet retailers a plenty of seasonal opportunities to score sales and reputation for their businesses. With several holidays nearby consumers are also inclined to shop more during this time of year - this is when March Madness begins.

Since ecommerce has pretty much the same compatible nature as sport, it is possible to predict that demand and traffic should be high these days. Thus, it is the perfect time to kick it up a notch on activities aimed at improvement of online stores and making connections with customers.

So here are a few tips that will help you jump into March Madness and use it to your advantage:

1) Make Spring Clearance

spring clearance

Cast a critical eye over your catalog. See if you have items that are not selling as well as you would like to and see if you have any overstock goods taking too much storage space. It is high time to get rid of those products, selling them for lower price, thus refreshing your stock. The same concerns seasonal items (if you sell any), unless you expect that some queers will buy fur coats in the middle of the spring.

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2) Stock Up with New Arrivals

content fresh up

When you have removed old, stacked inventory, you have made space for the new arrivals. Make sure that you have what customers are looking for, including into your catalog the popular goods and the novelties appearing at the market. Organize your inventory and ensure that you have enough for each interested buyer.

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3) Pull People in with Promotions


Discounts and offers are great for effective engaging of customers, as encourage them to buy. Proving time-limited promotions and offering your goods for some percentage-off the regular price will bring more interested shoppers.

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4) Polish Up The Look of Products

add images

Online stores actually sell ideas of products without any actual access to tangible items, since customers do not have ability touch, feel or in other way to evaluate the product. What narrows this gap? Multiple products images. If your some of your products are deprived of them, the items will hardly capture the attention of shoppers.

Pictures carry important visual information that helps the person decide to buy or not. Thus, you need to check if all the products have images and add them if any are missing.

5) Go Mobile

go mobile

One of key features for a good ecommerce site is real-time information on your store information: pricing and inventory, new customers, and quick access to sales. Thus, it is important to have it everything at hand, especially when you are not in the office, for example, view store statistics from your mobile phone or tablet. This way you will make sure that you have everything under control.

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Get winning sales during March Madness!

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