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Say "Happy Birthday" to eMagicOne

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Turning the calendar page…it is July and it is high time for birthday preparations. One more year has passed since eMagicOne opened the door and started to work for thousands of retailers worldwide. We have become older and can proudly state that growing old does only good to us.

eMagicOne birthday

This year was really incredible for us, we have managed to fulfil ideas and deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Traditionally, we want to look around and dwell on main achievements we have reached this year:

  • We have released Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition - advanced software for Enterprise users that helps streamline business process and was represented at Magento Meet Magento in Italy

  • eMagicOne birthday

  • We have established partnership with reputable companies - Amasty, Atwix, MageCloud what will help us deliver comprehensive customer service and expand business horizon.

    • Amasty is prominent Magento extensions developer and Magento Bronze Industry partner, offering comprehensive solutions as well as 5-star customer service.
    • Focused on Magento eCommerce implementation and API integrations, Atwix offers custom extensions, themes, responsive web design, ERP integrations, etc
    • MageCloud represents new approach to Magento-based store development. It is a PaaS platform, that allows developers and merchants launch Magento stores within minutes, install desired themes, extensions and publish everything into a cloud hosting infrastructure.
    • Promodo specializes in ecommerce store promotion through the complex of internet marketing tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid campaign management (PPC), social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and usability analysis.
  • eMagicOne partnership

  • We try to keep up with all eCommerce events, have visited Magento Meet Ukraine and participated as silver sponsor

  • Magento Meetup Ukraine

  • Magento Imagine, PrestaShop Meetup in Argentina - our customers presented our solutions and explained how they contribute to first-class store handling

  • PrestaShop Day

  • Our resellers can enjoy new reseller system and activities it offers, earn badges, get trophies, accumulate points (to get free license) and receive awards -

  • eMagicOne reseller program

  • New possibilities for those, who aim at joining world famous marketplaces - commercial version of Amazon Integration addon for Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart has been released

  • Amazon Integration Addon

  • We have designed native Mobile Connector module for your convenience so managing your online store via mobile has become more flexible and approachable with free Android Solution Mobile Assistant

  • Mobile connector

  • We’ve commenced on development of Store Manager for WooCommerce and have already released Alpha version for testing

  • Store Manager for WooCommerce

  • Store owners now can take advantage of discounted USPS shipping rates

  • Shopping Cart Support

  • This year we have celebrated 6th anniversary of Store Manager for PrestaShop sale and 7th of Store Manager for Magento. It proves, these are reliable solutions, popular throughout the world

  • eMagicOne anniversary sale

  • We always try to keep step with the latest changes, we have added PrestaShop 1.6.x, VirtueMart 3.0.x, OpenCart 2.0 support

  • Shopping Cart Support

This is far not entire list of acquisitions we are proud of and we could extend it, but birthday cake and cocktail dress is on the lookout :). We would like to share the party with you, our customers, enjoy the cake and blow the candles, since you are a part of our community and there would be no celebration without you.

Your help, suggestions, feedback, comments and kind words are invaluable to our development and achievements. Thanks you for being with us, all the year around and hope for your support in the future.

Best Feedback of This Year

"Great software! The best thing about ‪#‎OpenCartStoreManager‬ is the speed you can get a new product up and running across multiple sales channels. Not only can you control your website easily but you can also list to other channels with the plug ins they have available. The ease of use is great for anyone dealing with lots of product. Customer Service has always been outstanding any time I have a question.They listen to customers input about the software which is refreshing. The software is so easy to use I am also thinking of returning to some selling platforms that became over complicated to use and time consuming. They truly simplify the entire process of eCommerce. "

Roger Purcell

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