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Garage Sale Tips to Score Great Deals

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Shorts, sun, sea... what else? Garage sales! Gone are the days when people were visiting dusty warehouses or driving around the neighborhood to get good bargains. Now store owners are making virtual garage sales and have the chance to clear our inventory levels and earn extra revenue before back-to-school season.

Here are a few things to consider organizing virtual garage sale at your OpenCart store:

Product Prominence

opencart product visibility

Most of us will agree that prominence is crucial to the discovery of any product. The items need to be prominently displayed and easily found at your website.

This is especially true when it comes to offers sold at the garage sale. So you have to prepare proper place for clients to see it right they enter the site.

The good idea will be to put products you would like to be sold out in a separate category indicating that inside of it the items are on sale. To this category you can mass assign goods that are slow-moving and simply “sit on your shelf” or seasonal entities that are unlikely to be bought till the next year.

Moreover, this category should take one of the first places in your catalog, so make sure that you change the order of your categories and sort items within it.


opencart matching products

Online shopping is not only a practical, but an emotional activity. Often buyers come to the site with the idea to buy one thing, but at the checkout add something else.

Good merchandising technique to encourage impulsive purchases is offering related products that will be a perfect match for other items. You need to pick the list of accessories that a shopper will be interested to buy along with added to cart product(s).

This way you will increase your average cheque and sell more.

User Motivation

opencart motivating prices

Whether your customer is a garage sales fan or a random interested visitor, the right motivation can increase the likelihood of conversion and lead to more orders.

When a person sees the word ‘sale’ he/she expects reduced prices. Thus, offering the opportunity to save, you capture customers’ attention and encourage them to make a purchase right now.

So re-consider pricing strategies for items on sale and offer time-limited price offs.


opencart sales channels

You should think how to get your products in front of prospective customers. Various sales channels are available that your disposal to receive more attention from the side of potential buyers.

So you'll most likely choose selling on eBay and/ or Amazon in addition to your own online shop. Sales channels are very popular among bargain-hunters and your reduced in price items will be definitely in demand there.

Speedy Changes

speedy opencart changes

Virtual garage sales are time-limited offers. Re-categorizing, price mark-downs, creating listing at different marketplaces etc - all of these require efforts and time from you.

If you haven’t started preparing to your garage sale a few months ago, discover Store Manager for OpenCart software* and its addons that allow you perform all the operations in a few minutes instead of hours and weeks.

Since we are also huge fans of garage sales, we are offering our products for reduced prices as well. You can check our new discounted prices** at:

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Special prices on our software are active till August 23rd only!

Happy selling!

*Store Manager for OpenCart is the software designed to make life easier, so all features were generated on the way to successful and profitable online store. Main points are, you have the abilities to:

  • Adjust data using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.
  • Import any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Synchronize with eBay, QuickBooks and more
  • Add orders via POS with barcode scanner and cash drawer support (for offline stores)
  • Automate recurring tasks with schedulers to get up to date

**The discounts are not accumulative, thus you cannot use more than 1 discount for 1 order. Services are not included in this promo and are sold for regular price only.

***Important: If you place the order at, there prices are already with discount applied, so no further coupon codes are applicable there.

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