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3 Spooky eCommerce Practices & How to Keep Your OpenCart Store Away From Them

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Halloween with fear and thrill is coming near, marking the beginning of sales season. OpenCart retailers are starting to have scary nightmares each night (or even day) related to the fate of their web shop during this holiday period.

Will the store be haunted by zombie products, abandoned carts, budget vampires and other skeletons in the closet? These questions make the blood of web-shop entrepreneurs run cold.

Yeah, running online store can be tricky and even sometimes scary. For that reason and in the spirit of upcoming Halloween, we have prepared the spookiest eCommerce practices with solutions that will keep these problems away better than garlic repels vampires.

3 Spooky eCommerce Practices

The Terrifying Story of Horrible Inventory

Wrong or outdated inventory is one of the most scary and significant problems of any online business. When inventory levels are too high, cash is spent and space is inefficiently used. When inventory levels are too low, stock-outs and late deliveries harm the reputation of your brand.

21% to 43% of consumers who faced a stock-out will actually go to another store to buy the item.


Always stay up-to-date and take care about your inventory. It is a good idea to set up automated updates, importing data on inventory levels directly from your supplier on certain schedule, once a week / once a day / every few hours.

The Scary Tale of Monstrous Prices

It’s not a secret that consumers love sales, coupons, seasonal pricing and other promotion related markdowns. If you have ignored this trend and your prices are higher than your competitors offer, this is a sure-fire way to make your goods freakish and scare shoppers away in seconds.

Walmart and Best Buy changed their prices roughly 50,000 times a month. Amazon changes its prices more than 2.5 million times a day.


The most common scenario is to keep up with the competition and offer time-limited price mark-downs and run promotions to capture attention of your potential shoppers and clear out unsold inventory.

The Bone-Chilling Saga of Faceless Products

Product images allow customers to get a visual sense of the product, since shopping online there is no other was to get the idea of how the item looks like or how it will fit. If your products do not have images they are like faceless ghosts. With them you’ve got all chances not to make the sale, but break it and scare potential customers away.

90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text.


Diagnose your store and detect goods without any image. After that you will be able to export the list and at least add ‘Image coming soon’ massively to them or in best-case scenario upload multiple missing images at once.

While these stories may seem terrifying, don’t let these problems haunt your online store. Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons will come to your rescue.

The apps are empowered with helpful Import/Export Wizards and other tools that will be wonderful assistants, especially for preparation to the upcoming occasions like Christmas and New Year.

You will be able to:

  • Adjust data using Bulk Changers in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc
  • Import any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Synchronise with eBay, QuickBooks, PeachTree by Sage and more
  • Add orders via POS with barcode scanner and cash drawer support (for offline stores)
  • Automate recurring tasks with schedulers to get up to date

Experienced your own horror story while managing your online store? Use comments section to tell us and we will try to offer you solution if it still bothers you.

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