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emagicone store manager review

Looking for awesome money-saving deals on OpenCart products you love? Here at eMagicOne, we understand how valuable your time and opinions are, that’s why we are would like to offer up to 25% off your orders or even free stuff.

All you have to do is spend a little time trying out the products we develop and letting us know what you think of them, leaving a fair review.

Want to Become a Reviewer?

Being a reviewer is a fun job, but it’s not always easy. We will try to simplify it for you, with detailed instructions, describing the whole process from start to finish.

Eventually you will be able to get from 15% to 25% OFF coupon to purchase Store Manager OR any of addons at half-price or even FREE!

Here's How It Works

Basically, things are simple: if you leave a detailed review for eMagicOne products on one or all of the sites mentioned below, we will provide you a gift for your time in return. The more places you leave your feedback in, the bigger a reward will be.

Get up to 25% discount on Store Manager for OpenCart

Posting review for Store Manager at one of the sites below will give you 15% OFF, two sites - 20%, three sites - 25% discount!

Feedbacks counted for this promo can be left at the following sites:

Get any of addons at half-price or FREE

Leave your feedback at one site and get the addon (you are reviewing) with 50% off or make 2 unique testimonials at 2 resources offered below and get this addon to Store Manager free of charge!

*You'll get addons free only in case you are purchasing Store Manager and addons together (after leaving the review). If you have already been using Store Manager and leave reviews for addons you will get up to 25% OFF.

Sites to submit review for addons to Store Manager developed by eMagicOne:

Oh, yes, there’s also a catch!

In most cases you have to register on the site in order to leave the review and wait some time for it to be approved (also on G2Crowd you have to wait you need to log in with your LinkedIn account). Yep, that’s the catch, and no it - doesn’t cost you anything :) You can take the time to evaluate the product to leave even better review.

Writing Reviews: Guidelines

To get the discount for a review, make sure you follow these guidelines

Don't give just stars, write a review. The key to rewarding review is that it should be genuine (you need to write UNIQUE feedback for each site you leave your review at).


If the review doesn't have text at all, or has only a word or two, or is a copy-paste from some other review, or you make the same review for multiple products/sites - these duplicated feedbacks will be treated as single or might not be taken into account at all.

Reviews should be well written and edited. They don’t have to be too short and they should explain how the product is useful.

You need to include the following points:
  • Functionality - functions as described
  • Support - have you contacted us and how was the service provided
  • Overall impression - would you advise it to other entrepreneurs and/or your recommendations to the developer

Your feedback should not be abusive or inappropriate.

Once Done

After your reviews were submitted and approved, contact us back via e-mail - and provide us the screencaptures of reviews left by you or links to them with nickname that you have used.

We will check if you have followed all the guidelines and will get back to you via e-mail with your reward.


The discount will be issued to apply to product you leave review for. The discounts are time-limited and cannot be be back-dated after they expire. Unused discounts are not refunded or returned in any way.

The coupon you receive cannot be combined with other discounts and promo codes. It does not apply to any services either.

Reviews left at the sites not mentioned in this promo are not taken into account unless we’ve requested it from our side.

Reviews give valuable idea about the quality, functionality and other important things related to our products. With this promo we would like to encourage you to leave us the overall review on our software :)

We would be happy if you take part and share your opinion on our software!

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