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Update OpenCart Catalog from Your Android Device

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Mobile Assistant for OpenCart makes it convenient to reach your online store from anywhere. Staying connected to the store twenty-four hours a day, you can monitor business performance, check the latest statistics and be informed on changes.

Mobile Assistant functionality has been enhanced with another cool feature that will make catalog handling more approachable. Product edits can be fulfilled now right from your smartphone or tablet (Android operating system) if you have Mobile Assistant application installed.

Product editing option is available in Mobile Assistant application starting from version 3.2.0. In order to access this feature, you should have Mobile Assistant Connector v.1.4.3. If you are using the version older than this, update the module in OpenCart Admin.

What Product Fields Can Be Changed from OpenCart Mobile Assistant

Using Mobile Assistant you can perform the following changes:

  • change product status
  • insert/update product name
  • implement changes to Model field
  • maintain stock for products
  • change SKU of your store items
  • update product pricing
  • upload product images stored on mobile

  • image upload from prestashop mobile assistant

  • handle product description
  • manage universal codes (ISBN, EAN, JAN, etc)
  • scan the codes right from Mobile Assistant and input them to products
  • scan opencart product code from mobile

How Are Updates Performed to OpenCart Products from Mobile Assistant?

To update products from the application, you are supposed to proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open Mobile Assistant on Android and navigate to Products tab in the main menu.

  2. opencart mobile assistant product edit option

  3. Choose an item you need to renew and click on edit icon as the screenshot demonstrates.

  4. update opencart products from mobile

  5. Input necessary updates and press Apply button above to save them.

  6. update opencart products from mobile

Please note, Product Update is a paid option built-in Mobile Assistant. There are two plans available - product editing for one year, that allows you to update products from Android for one year and permanent product editing.

Edit option displays on product page on condition that it is unlocked in In-app Products in Mobile Assistant Settings.

update opencart products from mobile

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